Our Guides

Our guides are local experts from the nearby village and are all professional fly fishing anglers. Juan Briceño “Juanito”, the leader of the guides, was born in Punta Allen. Juanito and his team of guides are some of the best, most experienced professionals in this area of Mexico.


The guides make the Punta Allen Fishing Club the best choice if you want to catch fish like Permit, Tarpon, Snook, etc. Our guides all speak English and are on the water for over 300 days a year, either guiding anglers or fishing during the commercial lobster season.The guides are experienced and they know the AscensionBay waters like the back of their hands. They will of course take you to all the secluded lagoon, flats and canals.


We provide 2 guides in each boat so, even when sharing a boat each angler has a private guide. With 2 anglers per boat, one guide/angler team wades the flats while the other team fishes from the boat - we then change over. The 2 guide formula is the most effective for catching Permit ; one stops the boat and the other wades with the angler in order to get close to the fish.


Fishing For Permit

With our experienced guides, we are pleased to say that 95% of our guests catch the wonderful Permit.

If the Permit does not immediately pounce on your fly (which is about 75% of the time), do not begin stripping away. Better to think like a crab and gently manipulate the fly, slowly "removing" it from the fish's vicinity. 


Removing the fly is of course, quite difficult with all the adrenaline flowing and excitement. The trick is to try to keep the fish interested, allowing it to look the fly over. Don't be afraid to let the fly remain motionless if the Permit is eyeing it - almost always, this fish species prefers to take a motionless fly. If you are using a Clouser Minnow or Mantis Shrimp or other shrimp patterns, use a normal strip as they are designed to imitate an active prey.


On Wading

There are lots of wading opportunities in Ascension Bay for both Permit and Bonefish and it’s a good idea to have wading boots with you in the boat every day. Light neoprene wading boots are the best because there is not a lot of rocks or coral but mostly sandy and muddy bottoms. 


Other brands of wading shoes, like sneakers, will anchor you in the mud when you need to move faster to get close to the permit. There are now some good thin Neoprene socks being sold by tackle shops and dive shops too. These are cooler for the feet.


Gravel guards wrapped around the top of your wading shoes should make your wading just about sand-proof.


You will need a belt pack, lightweight vest with some pockets to carry your essential tackle. Essential tackle when wading includes: pliers, hook sharpening file, box of flies and extra leader material. If your wading, you could be away from your boat for extended periods of time -  you’ll want to bring a water bottle, too.


IGFA Homologation

Le Club has IGFA membership and will take care of homologation (certification) of your Grand Slam, Super Grand Slam or records. There is an extra charge for IGFA certificates.